Tuesday, September 23, 2014

July Through September Update

There are currently the same eight individuals in Eagle Creek Reservoir. There has been little to no movement of each fish. Therefore, there has not been much to update. However, these fish seem to have a home range and remain in the same cove if they do move at all. The fish have consistently remained in 1-3 feet of water and are all still mostly located throughout the northern half of the reservoir. They still remain near the shoreline near floating logs and timber. Previously, they were found near vegetation, however, since the seasons have begun to change and vegetation is less common, the fish are now moving towards floating logs and timber for shelter. We are still continuing to search nearby streams and areas in the park for the remaining thirty two missing fish and are venturing farther and farther out to find them. So far, we have had no luck in this search.

General locations of the eight muskie

During the month of July, we compared day and night movements of the remaining eight and found that the individuals in one foot of water did not travel far. However, the fish that were found around the three foot depth, typically moved to shore near logs and timber at night. It is my belief that because muskies are a lie and wait predator that there would be no need for them to move much between day and night. Recently, we have noticed that there are a large amount of young of the year gizzard shad, around three to four inches in length, near the locations of the muskie. Therefore, this provides a large food supply for these fish, further explaining their lack of movement. What is the point of moving if the food is all around you?

There have been some reports of people catching muskies below the dam and in the reservoir. Does anyone know of anybody catching muskies anywhere around Eagle Creek Reservoir? If so, what size and where at?