Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Update

The water level in Eagle Creek Reservoir has been lowering throughout the month. Additionally, four of the muskies have been determined to be dead. The remaining four muskies for most of October have been moving all over the northern half of the reservoir as the water temperature decreases. They are all being found near submerged logs in about 9 feet of water. The muskies could be around 22 inches by this point in the year and cause them to have few predators. The muskies diets are most likely consisting on young-of-year gizzard shad.

Young-of-year gizzard shad from Eagle Creek.

Also, in past few weeks some tracking has been done upstream in Eagle Creek. We launched a canoe by the 116th bridge in Zionsville and went down stream toward the reservoir. While doing this we found five additional muskies!  Most of the muskies were found around vegetation and fallen trees in 3 feet of water. They were mostly located near the 96th bridge.

Stream habitat where a muskie was found.

Video of tracking a muskie in Eagle Creek.